Norway Oslo

On a trip to Sweden when I was about 12 we also went to Norway – Oslo and surroundings. Later we returned for a 2 week skiing holiday when I was around 15. We stayed in Hemsedaal where we rented a cool wooden hut and had to go down a frozen hill every morning to get to the skiing area. They had great pistes and my brother and I loved it.
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How to travel

I don’t think there is one way to travel. It’s mostly a just-do-it and everybody has a different way. I, myself, have travelled many different ways – with my parents as a child, backpacking alone, city trip with a friend, business trip paid by the company, all inclusive trip, living abroad, organised language trips as a teenager… I have stayed with families, in nice hostels, in shitty places, in airports, overnight busses or trains, business hotels or luxury accommodation.
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In my teens I read a lot about Tuareg, Arabia, North Africa and Sahara. I was fascinated! Before I was aware of all that we went to Agadir in Morocco when I was almost 3.  My parents had traveled Morocco several times before and a lot more adventurous than with their 3 year old daughter and 5 months old son.

I cannot really remember much but I know the pictures of sand, camels and oranges. Some time, I would love to go back and refresh these memories.