Between Tete and Chimoio

Since I studied in Portugal, I had wanted to have a look at Mozambique which somehow fascinated me. I am fascinated by quite a lot of exotic countries… I guess that’s why I like travelling there to have a quick look.

Mozambique was the last country of our South Africa – Zimbabwe – Botswana – Zambia – Malawi – Moz – South Africa round trip in 2014. We came from Blantyre, Malawi, by bus and spend 5 days in the country. The visa was ridiculously expensive – something like 80 US$.
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Fiji Bula
Fiji’s Hello

May 2012 was our second wedding anniversary and a good time for honeymoon or something like that. I had booked the flights half a year before and they were really cheap – just around 450 AUD. It were really good direct flights but of course Virgin changed the flights and we had to change in Brisbane. Anyway, we flew into Nadi and stayed at Mamas Tropic of Capricorn hostel. The first day we took a bus to Port Denarau and got to Nadi [pronounced Nandi] where we walked around and then also all the way back to our hostel. It was quite far but a good walk. Apparently not the safest one.
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