How to travel

I don’t think there is one way to travel. It’s mostly a just-do-it and everybody has a different way. I, myself, have travelled many different ways – with my parents as a child, backpacking alone, city trip with a friend, business trip paid by the company, all inclusive trip, living abroad, organised language trips as a teenager… I have stayed with families, in nice hostels, in shitty places, in airports, overnight busses or trains, business hotels or luxury accommodation.
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My first trip on my own to Asia involved Hong Kong, Macau, Kunming (China) and Laos. From there I continued my trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. Originally I had booked a tour from Hong Kong via Kunming to Hanoi. The tour got cancelled but my flight was uncanceable, unless you wanted to loose the money. Lying in my room and planning my trip, I saw that Laos wasn’t so far from Kunming and Hanoi. Eventually I added Cambodia and South Vietnam to my 3 week trip. I only planned the first nights and the last because I wasn’t sure if I’m going to make it all the way. I did but this is about Laos.
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