Tour Eiffel

I’m not one of those declared France fans who love the country, language and food. Rather I’m a grumpy not particularly liking the French or the language. But of course, sharing a border with France, I learned French for ages, met a lot of really nice French people and have to admit that a lot of the French food I ate was great.
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Travel planning research

We are getting nearer towards the end of the year and I’m starting to think about where we can go next year. Since we will become 3 some time around 25 January, stressy trips into unsafe areas with lots of long bus rides are not on the menu and money will be a bit restricted due to limited work hours.
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Travel fever

Sometimes it’s easy to stay home and just enjoy the daily routine but in the moment everybody is travelling and I start feeling the fever to see something new. Originally we were planning to go to Mexico and then take busses down Middle America to Panama in November this year. Since the long awaited offspring seems finally to have settled in my womb, we had to cancel that plan. I would be 7 months pregnant and can’t see the fun in travelling shaky long bus rides through some really dangerous regions anymore. Since I’m now also back on part-time without the ambition to get another job for the next year, it’s a financial relief not to do this trip.
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