In 1999, when I interned in Argentine, I went for a couple of days to Iguazu Falls and stayed at the Brazilian side in Foz Do Iguazu. One my last day I took the bus to Ciudad del Este in Paraguay – Argentine, Brazil and Paraguay form a triangle around the Iguazu.
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When I interened in Argentine in 1999, I spent my last days in Buenos Aires. I just had 3 days for the big city but of course with another country so close, I had to go to Uruguay. There were ferries going to the capital Montevideo and to Colonia de Sarmiento. I chose Colonia and got the package – ferry and sightseeing tour. It was worth it! Colonia is a beautiful old town and I had a lovely day there.


Part of my list of border crossing is Bolivia. When I interned in North West Argentina in 1999, I stayed with a group of Germans (which helped my Spanish immensely… not). We took the 8 or maybe 10 hour bus to La Quiaca on the Bolivian border. Some interns needed to extend their 90 day visa in Argentina this way. I just wanted the stamp and cross the border. It was very high and we were all a bit affected by the altitude. Nothing serious, just light headed.
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