Australia – First trip with baby


First time travelling with the baby – exciting times… will she be ok flying, can we really take the cot for free, what clothes should we take, how will she sleep? All these questions were whizzing through my head before we left for our 6 day trip to the Red Centre where our baby would turn 3 months old.
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My mum was pregnant with me at the time my parents traveled to Australia, so I kind of went on that backpacker trip I haven’t returned from.

November 2008. My contract is running out the next month and I decided to go somewhere. Africa, Mexico, the US… nothing really works out. In November I meet a friend who says he’s going to Australia. What about a work visa, I ask. Working Holiday, easy! Click here, do this and off you go. Finding work?  Easy. Look at all these jobs here at this Seek website. Finding a place to live? Sure. Shouldn’t be difficult as they have these shared living websites…
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