Venice Beach

This post is a big one. My parents travelled the world before I was born. Once I was born they concentrated more on Europe and the US as it was easier to travel with children then let’s say India and Nepal. So I was about 1 when I first went to the States.
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Since I was a child I’ve travelled often to the US. But I’ve never been to Canada. Finally in 2013, when I showed Michael the US, we made it across the border from Niagara and to Toronto. The next day we continued via Michigan to Chicago. Since getting in and out of Toronto was matter of lining up in traffic jam, we didn’t see much and had no time for sightseeing. My impression was still that Toronto is a modern but quite beautiful city. We stayed in a very pretty hostel in the north of Toronto, I think. It was October and therefore autumn and the area consisted of big houses and villas and the fallen leaves were incredibly decorative.

The Bahamas

IMG_20150506_0004My dad and me on Long Island around 1981

Yeah, I’m a little snob. My parents loved the Bahamas and kept taking me there. Long Island first with about 1.5 but we kept coming back over the years. I remember Eleuthera, Exuma, the capital Nassau and Green Turtle Key. I think it’s been 4 trips with the last one around the age of 10. My parents have returned in the last years twice and I plan getting to know the Bahamas with the mail boats some time soon.
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