Tour Eiffel

I’m not one of those declared France fans who love the country, language and food. Rather I’m a grumpy not particularly liking the French or the language. But of course, sharing a border with France, I learned French for ages, met a lot of really nice French people and have to admit that a lot of the French food I ate was great.
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Norway Oslo

On a trip to Sweden when I was about 12 we also went to Norway – Oslo and surroundings. Later we returned for a 2 week skiing holiday when I was around 15. We stayed in Hemsedaal where we rented a cool wooden hut and had to go down a frozen hill every morning to get to the skiing area. They had great pistes and my brother and I loved it.
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As a child I went often to Sweden. From Hamburg it’s not far and it’s a beautiful country. The summers are really nice there, quite hot. My first trip was apparently around 2 and we took the ferry from Helsingør in Denmark to Helsingborg in Sweden. I was going to take this ferry a lot more times after this trip. We went via Puttgarden to Rødby and then jumped the islands until we reached Sjælland. Behind Copenhagen and Hamlet’s castle you can find the ferry.
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I have mentioned in previous posts that I got some travelling opportunities by accompanying my dad to dancing competitions. I think Helsinki was in 2000 and I did some sightseeing with my dad and the other dance people. There are memories of a funny harbour cruise. Maybe alcohol was involved but it was a funny group and we laughed a lot.

After the first day, I had one more day for Helsinki where I walked around in this beautiful but Nordic cool style city. On my last day I went to Turku by train to see something else. It was mostly train riding… 3 hrs each way?… and only a short time walking around the station and along a river.