Australia – First trip with baby


First time travelling with the baby – exciting times… will she be ok flying, can we really take the cot for free, what clothes should we take, how will she sleep? All these questions were whizzing through my head before we left for our 6 day trip to the Red Centre where our baby would turn 3 months old.
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Sidi Bou Said
Sidi Bou Said

In 2005, I had one of these spontaneous ideas to book a holiday and go alone somewhere because I felt overwhelmed and trapped. I was still dealing with depression and considered it a great idea to head off alone. This time, I booked a week to Hammamet in Tunisia. And to work against loneliness, I booked a couple of tours – one to Tunis and one 2-day-tour through Southern Tunisia to see a bit of the country and the Sahara.
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In the beginning of 2015 I had 2 jobs for some months. It was for a limited time only and I managed the stress quite well but of course I wanted a reward at the end of it. Since I had over a week of overtime from another project the year before, I didn’t even need to calculate leave for me. Only my husband with few leave days needed to be considered but at least his boss never lets him not take leave, so we are still very flexible.
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New Zealand revisited

New Zealand
One of a million (billion?)

We married 5.5 years ago in Auckland and I really wanted to return to the Kiwilands in the year of our anniversary. My aim was to come for the 5th wedding anniversary but that didn’t work out work-wise. Since I fell pregnant around that 5th wedding anniversary and all my glorious plans of travelling Middle America in November weren’t realisable anymore plus the miles from former flights had accumulated into flights to New Zealand, the neighbour country came into focus again. Of course, I prefer to go to new countries which I haven’t visited before. But when we married in NZ it wasn’t for any romantic seaside wedding but for the quick administrative opportunity. We flew in and out of Auckland and were busy getting to know each other and celebrating stag’s/hen’s night with as much alcohol as somehow possible without even trying to get to know the country.
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Between Tete and Chimoio

Since I studied in Portugal, I had wanted to have a look at Mozambique which somehow fascinated me. I am fascinated by quite a lot of exotic countries… I guess that’s why I like travelling there to have a quick look.

Mozambique was the last country of our South Africa – Zimbabwe – Botswana – Zambia – Malawi – Moz – South Africa round trip in 2014. We came from Blantyre, Malawi, by bus and spend 5 days in the country. The visa was ridiculously expensive – something like 80 US$.
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