My parents love traveling and I’ve always traveled. I prefer not just drifting through the world as a nomad but having a home to come back to. So I usually just travel a couple of weeks within the normal allowance of annual leave when you have a job. I’m therefore not claiming to be an expert on any of the countries, I’ve been to. Some I know better, some for just a couple of hours. But I’ve been in 65 countries and now I’m focusing on the 100 target.

This blog is about the countries I’ve been to and my plan how to tackle the next ones. It’s a journey…

Photo credits:
Most photos are taken by my husband, Michael Lueders. Some are mine or my parents.


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  1. I love this plan and completely get it. I haven’t visited as many (around 50 or so) but have lived in 8 different countries. I hope you meet your goal. Happy travels, Cheryl


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