The last stage of my first Asia trip (Bangkok to Singapore) was that city-state with the interesting cultural mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian, European and various other nationals. Somehow Western but definitely Asian, strict rules, dictator (in the past) but open for tourists, business and all kinds of ventures. Fascinating!

It was Christmas 2006 and the best Christmas lights we had seen so far (it really couldn’t have been worse than Malacca). We came by bus from Malacca and stayed at the top of a hill in a clean and not very expensive hostel. On the plan was shopping, zoo, having a look at little India and Chinatown, Christmas lights tour, partying at the harbour and having a cocktail at the Raffles Hotel.

It’s been mostly a party and with the guys from our tour we had already been partying for the last 3 weeks, so it’s a bit of a blur. I do remember sitting through my first Bollywood movie in Little India where we spontaneously went into the cinema to watch one of the films which go on for hours. With that cold aircon they use in Singapore, it was also a very chilling experience.

Interesting were also all the fines you had to be aware of. Jaywalking, spitting on the street, littering but also not flushing the toilet… we happily escaped all fine paying even though we did some serious jaywalking offenses.

The photo material isn’t too good as I didn’t have my favourite photographer at my side at that time.

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