Norway Oslo

On a trip to Sweden when I was about 12 we also went to Norway – Oslo and surroundings. Later we returned for a 2 week skiing holiday when I was around 15. We stayed in Hemsedaal where we rented a cool wooden hut and had to go down a frozen hill every morning to get to the skiing area. They had great pistes and my brother and I loved it.
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Victoria Falls train station

My brother had decided to finally marry his South African girlfriend of many years and she had said yes. The wedding would be in South Africa where we had just been a year and a half earlier. So we decided it was a good opportunity to travel north before the wedding and discover other Southern African countries. We took the bus from Joburg to Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. For me, Zimbabwe had been a country where you don’t go – Mugabe, violence against white and between black – but when I started reading about Zimbabwe it sounded like a good travelling country.
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How to travel

I don’t think there is one way to travel. It’s mostly a just-do-it and everybody has a different way. I, myself, have travelled many different ways – with my parents as a child, backpacking alone, city trip with a friend, business trip paid by the company, all inclusive trip, living abroad, organised language trips as a teenager… I have stayed with families, in nice hostels, in shitty places, in airports, overnight busses or trains, business hotels or luxury accommodation.
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Fiji Bula
Fiji’s Hello

May 2012 was our second wedding anniversary and a good time for honeymoon or something like that. I had booked the flights half a year before and they were really cheap – just around 450 AUD. It were really good direct flights but of course Virgin changed the flights and we had to change in Brisbane. Anyway, we flew into Nadi and stayed at Mamas Tropic of Capricorn hostel. The first day we took a bus to Port Denarau and got to Nadi [pronounced Nandi] where we walked around and then also all the way back to our hostel. It was quite far but a good walk. Apparently not the safest one.
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Begging is part of probably everybody’s lives but when travelling I’m more aware of it – especially if it’s children. It’s probably also normal to be torn but when travelling poor countries it gets worse. Of course I can give everybody something and of course I’m a lot richer. And sometimes I do give something but mostly not. Maybe I’m a bad, spoilt person who was born a world with chances and opportunities. Maybe it’s not good to give something to people who beg and don’t do anything else than making you feel bad and trying to make money from your bad conscience. Maybe it’s better to give people who offer services a little bit more and support that they work. Maybe some people who beg get a lot more than people who work. Like many things in life that’s all not very clear and we just make choices and set priorities without necessarily being right… or wrong.
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South Korea

South Korea Seoul

In 2011, Easter and ANZAC day fell together and made a long weekend. Perfect time to take 10 days off. Originally it was supposed to be a very short Korea part and a longer part in Japan. But then the catastrophe in Fukushima happened a month before our flight. Our stay was now mainly in Korea but since we couldn’t change our flights, we still had to go to Tokyo to fly back.
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